Identity Cloaker – How to Watch UK TV in Spain

  • Watch all the Major UK TV Channel including BBC iPlayer and Watch UK TV abroad free wherever you are.
  • Unique Network one of only VPNs that allows access to US Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • Simple to use – just click a country and change your location to watch ITV Player abroad.
  • Hundreds of Servers all over the world included -UK, France, USA, Canada, Germany and Ireland plus many more
  • Secure VPN Which Allows Anyone to Watch Free UK TV Abroad
  • Super fast secure network – forget BBC iPlayer detecting VPN – it’s not going to happen!
  • Also works on smartphones, iPads and tablets. (ask support for details)
  • Watch Sky Go Abroad (requires Sky Subscription)
  • Fourteen Day – No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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(Use on all full accounts apart from trial)

how to watch uk tv in spain

Heard that BBC iPlayer not working through a VPN anymore?

Well only the insecure ones, Identity Cloaker is still working into 2019.

Technical Information – How to Watch UK TV in Spain

So what’s the secret to this? Are there really lots of people who watch ITV abroad or Match of the Day in live  in Spain? Well it’s not actually that complicated but here’s a quick explanation.  The software illustrated above is called Identity Cloaker which is a security program otherwise known as a VPN service.  It’s primary function is to encrypt and protect your internet connection something that’s become increasingly important especially if you travel a lot.

However it also has another important function, which is arguably used by many more people.  When you use a VPN you can hide your true location and pretend to be from any other country.  All you do is click on one of the other flags and you’re connection will be transferred through a server there.  This means that a VPN gives you the ability to bypass all the various blocks and filters that many websites apply.  You can thus hide your location and a VPN becomes the ultimate way to watch UK TV online for free irrespective of your location.

how to watch uk tv in spain

For example many Identity Cloaker subscribers, use it primarily to access British TV from wherever they happen to live.  So anglophiles and expats alike can access all the UK TV channels from Spain just as if they were sitting in Birmingham or Liverpool.   They simply click on a UK server and basically can  watch UK TV abroad free of charge  irrespective of their location.

There’s no restriction on this, no logs or download limits or additional fees.  Your internet connection is simply routed through a super fast UK server before it gets to the BBC, ITV or other site.  Instead of seeing a Spanish registered IP address, it will just see the UK address of the VPN server instead.  What’s more you can even use it on different devices, for example if you want to watch UK TV abroad on iPad or smartphones.  It’s simple to use and you’ll be completely hidden from the BBC site when you watch.

You do have to create an account, and yes you will have to deal with the slight moral dilemma of answering the question – “Do you have a UK TV license” (if you don’t have one of course) before you watch!  Hint – say yes whatever the real answer! However from a technical aspect you’ll look like any other UK visitor and have exactly the same experience.   If you have a slow internet connection, you can even download the programmes to watch offline too, there no limit to any TV catch up abroad while you’re connected to the VPN.

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