How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Germany

  • Watch all the BBC channels in Germany, plus all other UK TV channels like ITV Hub, Channels 4 and 5.
  • Support staff monitor access to all major UK TV channels including the BBC
  • Watch channels live or download them to watch offline (BBC iPlayer only)
  • Watch Sky Go Abroad
  • Simple interface just click on a UK server to connect
  • How to watch BBC iPlayer in Germany in 2021 and beyond.
  • Plus Servers all over the world included in your subscription – many in Europe, Asia and USA too.
  • Watch all sorts of geo restricted content from all over the world.
  • Set it up on all your devices from smart phones to tablets.
  • High speed network for streaming HD content directly to your device.
  • Don’t waste time watching Britbox in Germany watch the real thing.
  • Simple No Quibble guarantee for 14 days – Just Ask and you’ll be refunded

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how to watch BBC iPlayer in Germany


Technical Information – How to Access BBC iPlayer in Germany

The reason that many website don’t work in a specific location is down to a widely spread technology called geo-targeting.  It involves checking the physical location of a visitor by looking up the location that their ip address is registered to.  It’s commonly used by streaming services like the BBC, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime video to restrict access based on your location.  Pretty much all the major media sites do this, all the UK TV channels do the same – BBC, ITV Hub, Channel 4 and Channel 5 all block access from non UK addresses.  It’s not just some Brexit inspired pettiness either, as all the German TV channels do exactly the same for connections originating outside Germany.  It’s very irritating for anyone who travels a lot, after all the internet should be a perfect way to keep up with your favourite TV shows when travelling.

Fast internet is everywhere now, most of us carry with us several streaming devices which work with online video.  Yet the scourge of geo targeting blocks access to each and everyone of us, breaking the cord of communications whenever we travel outside our country’s borders.

VPN Services Can Bypass all Blocks Including the BBC iPlayer Ones

This article is primarily about accessing BBC iPlayer from Germany.  However it could just as easily refer to accessing Hulu from France or RTL from London.  These blocks affect us all and inevitably will at some point if we travel virtually anywhere.  Fortunately there is a simple solution which can bypass all of these restrictions and allow us to access any site wherever we happen to be.

It involves taking control of your digital identity.  Instead of waiting for a website to look up our location and decide what we can watch, we take a more proactive approach.  Using something called a VPN (virtual Private network) service it’s possible to hide your real location and bypass any and all of these blocks.

The software demonstrated above is one of these services, a simple piece of software which allows you access a worldwide network of VPN servers.  By connecting to these servers you hide your true location and appear to originate from the location of the VPN server.  The website will only see the IP address of the server you’re using, not your real address.

Which means all you need to do is connect to a UK server to enjoy unrestricted access to BBC iPlayer and every UK streaming service. Then switching to a US server will allow you access to all the great US online stations and services. In fact pick a country and you can unlock pretty much everything anywhere in the world.

Identity Cloaker has a large network with servers in many European countries, plus Asia and North America.  They have decided to focus on specific locations based on popularity rather than support too many countries.  Which means that they have many more servers in the UK and US in order to support the fast streaming speeds that HD video demands.   It also means they can bypass the many VPN detection systems that exist – which primarily look for too many people connecting from the same IP address.

This makes it perfect for watching all UK television channels online from Germany or indeed anywhere in the world.  The servers are fast, the numbers using them are carefully controlled to ensure that speed or access is not compromised.

If you want to enjoy UK television from anywhere in the world, then it’s the perfect VPN. There are certainly cheaper ones, however they tend to get blocked by the BBC and other media sites because too many people use the server concurrently.  Many, many VPN services don’t even work with BBC iPlayer any more unfortunately.  Identity Cloaker monitor every UK streaming server to ensure it has access and ensure that streaming speeds are maintained with the BBC servers.

Identity Cloaker does and they aim to continue that position.