Want to Watch UK TV Channels from Outside UK?

Well you can and here’s how.  It’s something I missed straight away when I spend my winters in Spain, having worked in IT though I did some investigation into the various ‘methods’ for bypassing these blocks.  There are many and this just represents my preferred solution based on performance, cost and security (discount code at bottom of this page).

My primary requirements were these –

  • Watch all the major UK televisions stations on my computer.
  • Ability to work on iPads, iPhones, TVs and tablets (just ask support)
  • Something easy to use – just click to change your location.
  • Different locations – especially UK, France, USA, Australia,Canada, Ireland and Germany.
  • A stable and fast connection -for streaming video obviously.
  • Good technical support.
  • No automatic, recurring subscription models (a personal hate of mine)

Here’s a brief demonstration on the PC, which I also use extensively for it’s primary purpose to secure your connection.

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(works on all accounts apart from trial)