Euro Jimmy

I’ve been using VPNs for years to watch the BBC and some other online channels.  However over the last  few years many have stopped working especially with iPlayer.  Identity Cloaker is the first one that works all the time without problems and it’s very fast !  The interface seems a little old fashioned but it works and lets me watch without hassle ….recommended.


I have been using Identity Cloaker for 3 months now. I feel totally secure on the internet. I also am impressed with their tech support which is fast and thourough. They stick with you until your
problem is solved.  I highly recommend this service or any of the other proxies out there.  Anne,Canada


Just a quick comment to let people know I have resubscribed for 3 months as I had no problems with IC at all. Only speed issues are with BBCi Player during world cup matches but that’s more
about the BBC than IC. Very satisfied! Jenny, USA


But again lots of thanks for pointing me in the direction of ID Cloaker. My wife is delighted that we can watch some ‘Brit’ programmes rather than the c**p we have to endure out here.
Cheers, Mountwest, Turkey


I have been using identity cloaker for over two years now and it is great. Switched from hidemyip, which seemed to be far more “iffy”. Support from Tomas is always immediate and first rate.
Don’t think he ever sleeps. Just started using IC on my iPhone for iplayer, Gina, Spain


Works a treat. The help desk at Identity Cloaker came back with all the necessary info in 10 mins.  Jason, Paris


My company recently got me an iPhone and now I’m able to watch live BBC TV. Still want to be able to steam it on my desktop but this is great.
And for people thinking about subscribing to IdentityCloaker, I can tell you they rock. Fantastic customer service. You won’t be disappointed.  Alex Q, Portugal