How to Watch BBC iPlayer in France

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in France

You’ll learn how easy it is to access BBC iPlayer from France

Additional Information: What’s a VPN and How Does it Work

This isn’t of interest to everyone, so I’ve put a bit more of the technical explanation down here. NordVPN is actually a security product designed to ensure your privacy when online.   There’s two main components, a VPN (virtual private network) client which is the software you use to connect from your device to the VPN server.  There are versions for most devices, including apps for all the major smart phones – many VPN companies use third party or free software (OpenVPN, SoftEther) to connect rather than their own software.  You might be a fan of open source software like this, however it does limit the control you have over the client (and it’s abilities).   From a security perspective open source software is normally good, however if your focus is on bypassing geo targeting then it’s possibly not ideal.

The second component and the one that’s arguably more important is the VPN network that your client connects to.  These VPN servers are spread across six continents and 59 different countries, all available in the standard subscription.  When you start the software you are able to connect to any of these servers which creates a hidden, encrypted tunnel where all your data is channelled through.   Your own computer will not be visible to any other device on the internet, which means you can pretty much surf anonymously online.

Anonymity Means You Can Choose your Location

Crucially your IP address will be invisible, only the address of the VPN server you have selected will be visible.  Which is why a VPN can bypass most geo restrictions, simply because you can choose where you appear to be located.  So if you’re surfing from France you can select a server from Royaume-Uni to watch something that’s only accessible in the UK like BBC iPlayer.  Your user experience (and IP address) will match that of a British surfer while you’re connected to  British VPN server.  Equally switch to a Canadian server and your digital location will switch to Canada, and you’ll be able to access Canadian only resources as well.  In fact you can change your identity to any of the 59 countries, restart your browser and you’ll have effectively changed your digital nationality.

It seems churlish to imagine that nationality and your physical location is important on the internet.  However this couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s vital something you’ll know for certain if you’re not located in a major developed country.   Although the subject of this post is to bypass the blocks and switch your internet connection to a UK one to watch BBC iPlayer, there are many other uses than accessing media sites like Amazon Prime Video !  Accessing many major sites  like Paypal, Craigslist and loads of other mainstream services can be difficult from a Nigerian, Indian or African address for example.

More Details on Accessing BBC iPlayer From France using a VPN

If you search across the internet, you’ll come across many posts about how VPNs don’t work any more to access the BBC iPlayer from France , Spain or any other country outside the UK.   Like many internet reports there is some truth to this story but it’s certainly not completely true!   What’s happening is that the BBC have upped their game in both detecting and blocking connections from VPN services.

They have done this using a few methods but one mainly one technique.  The BBC now analyses how many connections are coming from individual IP addresses.  If there’s too many then the connection is presumed to a VPN or proxy and the address is temporarily blocked.   This is a relatively simple and effective method of blocking access from people using VPNs to bypass their geo targeting blocks.  It’s simple when you think about it, two thousand simultaneous streams to Match of the Day all from the same IP address – kind of suspicious.

It’s why many VPNs don’t work very well with the BBC iPlayer currently – because their IP addresses are being blocked/blacklisted.

Most of the cheaper VPNs now don’t work because of this, simply because they’ve got too many users on each address.  However the ones that do work well are the slightly more expensive ones which have less users streaming from the BBC like Identity Cloaker.  The other VPNs that work are those with a larger infrastructure who take a more proactive approach by switching out addresses to ensure that there aren’t too many concurrent connections.

NordVPN for example recommends if you want to access the BBC from France or any other non-UK location then you use some specific servers – UK# 1840-1847, 1850-1863, 1865, 1869, 1873, 1875-1878, 1880-1881, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1911, 1913, 1917, 1919-1920.

These have their IP addresses routinely rotated and monitored to ensure that they’re not blocked by the BBC.