How to Watch BBC iPlayer in USA

  • Watch BBC iPlayer and live stream all the BBC channels from the US.
  • Enjoy every other UK TV channel too – ITV Hub, Sky Go, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – all free of charge.
  • Easy to use – just select which country (UK) and click.
  • Simple to watch BBC iPlayer in America in 2021.
  • Many Servers all over the planet – means you can enjoy channels from UK, France, Canada, Ireland and lots more too.
  • Super fast encryption keeps your connection secure and your privacy intact.
  • High bandwidth network – ensures super fast speeds for streaming movies and TV.
  • Install the app on all your devices all included – Smartphones, tablets and even Linux. (ask support for details)
  • No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee – Try it First.


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watch bbc iplayer in usa

You’ll learn how to access BBC iPlayer outside UK in minutes.

The Technical Details

I’ve put this brief summary at the bottom, as often people are just not that interested in it.  However if you’re interested in exactly what is required to watch BBC iPlayer abroad or indeed any geo restricted TV channels or streaming service then please read this section.

So to confirm, Nord VPN service is primarily a VPN client which connects to a network of fast, highly secure servers distributed around the world.   VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is basically an encrypted tunnel between your device and a VPN server.  The software’s primary purpose is to keep your internet connection secure and your data private, by allowing the VPN server to hide your location.   This means that it is essential that the server is both fast and secure to ensure your internet speeds are not affected.

Every time you visit a new website, or send an email or post something online while the VPN is enabled, your actual location is hidden.  Plus all your data is safe as it’s sent through an encrypted tunnel.  Any website you visit will see the IP address of the server not your real one.  This means that you can maintain your privacy but also control which IP address the website sees.   This is important because if you want to access BBC iPlayer for example you’ll need a British IP address.   NordVPN solves this problem by maintaining a huge network of VPN servers across the world.  So if you want to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK you merely have to click on a UK server before visiting the site.

It sounds, complicated but it really isn’t.  The VPN server simply acts as a go-between between you and the web site you visit. It’s a little like a Post Office Box or Mail Box that people use to send and receive mail without revealing their real address.

Millions of people though use VPN services not to maintain their privacy but to access sites which are normally restricted based on their location.  The BBC is a prime example, when anyone visits the BBC website their IP address is checked to determine their location – if it’s outside of the UK then you won’t be able to access the site.  Most of the world’s largest streaming services do this, restricting access normally to their domestic markets.

Of course, if you have a VPN connection enabled to a UK based server it doesn’t matter where you actually are.  The BBC will only ever see the address of the VPN and therefore you’ll be able to watch anywhere in the world.   You can watch BBC iPlayer in USA or anywhere in the world without needing a TV license. What’s more if you change to a different server in another country then you’ll be able to access the sites there too.

The Ability To Hide Your Location Opens Up the Internet.

It sounds quite simple, yet being able to change your location at will opens up the internet to a huge amount.  With a VPN sitting in your task bar, you can click on whatever country you need and switch to that instantly.  Of course your real IP address never changes, but each web site will only see the address of the VPN you are connected to.  So you pick a UK server to watch BBC One or BBC two or anything else on the BBC iPlayer.  If select access based on the location you need to be.  So for example if you want to download a UK only application then connect to a UK server before visiting the app store or visiting a web site.

However many VPN users don’t stop there, although they usually buy a VPN initially for something specific like watching BBC programmes or the BBC News.  There’s a whole world of options when you get used to switching your IP address.  If you like to keep up with the news, you can visit just about any domestic channel and stream directly as long as NordVPN has a server there.  They currently have servers in 59 countries and 6 continents – every one available to the basic subscriber for no extra charge!

You can visit any website or channel store in any of those countries and get unrestricted access like a resident.  Remember all these sites have one primary method for determining your location and it’s not your email address, postal code.  It’s the network address assigned to your connection and with a VPN you have complete control over this.  So don’t just use the UK servers for watching BBC iPlayer, check out Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and Asian channels.  If you’re lucky enough to speak other languages your options are even greater.  Although you’d be surprised how many English speaking channels there are spread out over the world.  Even Indian TV stations like Star have lots of English content too.