How to Watch BBC iPlayer in UAE

  • Watch all the UK stations including BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channels 4 and 5 plus loads more on your computer wherever you are.
  • Unique Residential Network also allows you access to US Netflix and your UK Amazon accounts.
  • Easy to use – just select a country and click to change your location.
  • How to watch BBC iPlayer in the UAE and anywhere in the world.
  • Included – servers across the world – UK, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany plus many more
  • High encryption settings to keeps your browsing protected wherever you are.
  • Super quick and  secure network – perfect for streaming high resolution TV and films.
  • Your account will also works on any smartphone or tablets. (ask support for details)
  • Secure – don’t worry about BBC iplayer detecting VPN – it can’t!!
  • Nothing to Lose – Try for 14 days and get your money back if not satisfied.

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in UAE

You’ll learn How to Watch BBC iPlayer in UAE or anywhere outside UK in minutes.


Some background and additional Information –

Watching the BBC Abroad

So how’s this done, exactly?  Well the program demonstrated above is called Identity Cloaker and is one of the oldest publicly available VPN programs.  It was designed and developed (and still is) primarily as a way to hide your IP address and encrypt all the data you transmit online.

Over the years though many thousands of customers, have been using it for another reasons – to bypass the myriad blocks and filters which have appeared online.  At the heart of these are the ‘geo-blocks’ applied by the big media companies who have mostly restricted access to their domestic market.  So for example anyone outside the UK is blocked access to the BBC iPlayer app and indeed all the other British TV sites. The same has happened to sites in other countries, so you can’t watch the US TV stations from outside the US, or Canadian TV outside Canada and so on.

This has meant that all the VPN services have suddenly developed a huge market outside the personal privacy space.  A properly configured VPN is undetectable and able to route your connection through a different country.  So if a US user clicks on a UK server then they’ve suddenly discovered how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA for example.   In fact your physical location is irrelevant,  you get to choose it.  You can sit in the UAE and choose what you see with ease.

Identity Cloaker has embraced this challenge and fine tuned it’s security connections to allow complete access to these blocked TV sites.   They’ve focused on the most popular, by providing the most servers in the US and UK making it the best VPN for BBC iPlayer and US TV channels. However they have servers in many countries across the world too. They are deliberately low key and keep their servers as anonymous as possible, never advertising or referring to this functionality. Which is why they keep working where as you’ll find many reports of BBC iPlayer VPN not working for many other companies.

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