Want to Watch BBC iPlayer from New Zealand in 2022 – Here’s How

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how to watch uk tv in nz

You’ll learn how to access BBC iPlayer from New Zealand

Additional Information:

Watching BBC iPlayer NZ

So what’s the secret to this? Are there lots of BBC iPlayer fans in New Zealand ? Well it’s not actually that complicated but here’s a quick explanation. Don’t worry it’s exactly the same method as millions use across Western Europe to access all the UK TV shows. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a Sky subscription, you can get every single channel live including BBC One, BBC Two, BBC News and so on. Nearly every show is archived too for up to a year, so you can go back and watch Blue Planet whenever you like. I watched the excellent Killing Eve more than six months after it finished.

Best VPN For Watching BBC iPlayer In NZ

The software illustrated above is called which is a security program and arguably the best VPN on the market. The primary function of these VPN services is to encrypt and protect your internet connection something that’s important to do especially when using public Wifi connections.

However it also has another important function, which is arguably used by many more people. When you use a VPN service you can hide your true location and pretend to be from any other country. Which is great if the website blocks visits from New Zealand like BBC iPlayer. All you do is click on one of the other flags and you’re connection will be transferred through a server there. This means that a VPN service gives you the ability to bypass all the various blocks and filters that many websites apply.

BBC Iplayer NZ

Why You Need a VPN To Watch BBC iPlayer?

Because the BBC want to restrict access to people based physically in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately they offer no real alternative to people outside the UK. There is the UK streaming service called Britbox which is really good value however it offers no live TV or broadcasts. For many of us watching the News or live sport is just as important as all the great box sets.

What Is BBC iPlayer?

Is the BBC’s live streaming service and archive. You can watch all of the BBC’s 12 channels live and watch the majority of the programmes for up to twelve months afterwards. It’s completely free of charge although you should technically have a UK TV license for the live stream.

How To Watch BBC iPlayer For Free?

Unfortunately it’s not really possible anymore. You could previously use one of the free proxy apps to hide your IP address. However too many people used these for watching BBC iPLayer and the IP addresses where all blocked. The paid VPN services have to work hard to keep their addresses spared this fate !

Is It Legal To Access BBC iPlayer With a VPN?

Absolutely, there’s no crime being committed here. You’re technically breaking the terms and conditions of the site, alongside millions of people all over the world. You should have a UK TV license if you live in the UK though.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch BBC iPlayer?

Because the BBC is restricted to the domestic market. A VPN will hide your address to make it look like you’re in the UK.

How to watch on a Tablet or Phone

You can use most VPNs to watch on your tablets or phones in exactly the same way. Some of the best VPNs have apps which you can install directly, check out NordVPN if you want one of these. Identity Cloaker works on most phones and tablets, but you have to set up the VPN connection manually the first time. It’s not hard though and there are guides in the members area. Worth doing if you’re thinking of how to retire or travel to New Zealand and want British TV.

Access BBC iPlayer in NZ in 3 Steps

For example many Identity Cloaker subscribers, use it primarily to access British TV and get BBC iPlayer from wherever they happen to live. So anglophiles and expats alike can access all the UK TV channels from New Zealand as if they were sitting in Birmingham or Liverpool or anywhere in the United Kingdom. They simply click on a UK server which will allocate them a UK IP address. From then they can watch UK TV abroad free of charge irrespective of their location. They’re able to access BBC iPlayer in New Zealand despite the IP address blocks.

There’s no restriction on this, no logs or download limits or additional fees. Your internet connection is simply routed through a super fast UK server before it gets to the BBC, ITV or other site. Instead of seeing a New Zealand registered IP address, it will just see the UK address of the VPN server instead. Which means you can watch BBC iPlayer and any of the UK only sites just as you could in the UK. In fact many ex-pats want to watch very little else when they’re outside the UK.

You do have to create an account, and yes you will have to deal with moral dilemma of answering the question – “Do you have a UK TV license” before you watch iPlayer ! Hint – say yes whatever the real answer! However from a technical aspect you’ll look like any other UK visitor and have exactly the same experience. If you have a slow internet connection, you can even download the programmes to watch offline too.

Heard That VPNs are Blocked by The BBC ?

A couple of years ago, the BBC started a crackdown on people watching their online services from outside the United Kingdom. It’s difficult to say what prompted this, as up until then they had been fairly relaxed about the situation. In fact there were literally millions watching using these sorts of proxies and VPN programs from all over the world. To be honest most of use didn’t give it a second though, virtually any proxy or VPN would work perfectly and you could watch without any issues.

The crackdown took a lot of people by surprise including in New Zealand and resulted in many people completely losing their access. It happened to so many people that you’ll still see thousands of posts online saying that BBC iPlayer has blocked all VPNs or VPNs don’t work with BBC iPlayer any more.

This is completely untrue !! Loads of people are still able to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

The simple reality is that you cannot block or detect a VPN easily and there’s no way that every connection can be checked individually. What actually happened was the BBC blocked all the free, overloaded and badly configured VPN services from accessing their site. This is actually much simpler to achieve, and lots of services simply stopped working overnight. Their primary method was to look at IP addresses which had too many connections linked to them and then just blocked that IP address. It was made worse as something of a bidding war had started between these services and the easiest way to drop prices was to load more users onto each server. This made it much easier for BBC iPlayer to detect and block thousands of VPN programs from working.

You Can Still Get BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

Fortunately it’s all settled down quite a lot now and most people have found ways to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand or wherever they are. The solution remains the same, choose a VPN program which can change your network address to a UK one. However you must use a properly configured VPN which limits the number on each server and maximizes performance. In truth pick a well run VPN company who know what they’re doing then you should be fine. There’s still many companies who slash the prices and promise you access to BBC iPlayer but they never work for long. It doesn’t take long for BBC iPlayer to block these individual addresses and you’ll find the service will stop working very quickly.

How To Watch iPlayer Overseas

Just choose a proper secure VPN service like Identity Cloaker and you’ll be able to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand or anywhere in the world. They never mention using VPNs to access sites like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 and Channel 5 or other TV (works great with ITV Hub too!) on their site. Also they never overload their servers so that too many people are on the same address accessing BBC iPlayer. This low contention rate is important and the reason why so many budget VPNs no longer work with BBC iPlayer.

Remember it works for virtually any site that is geo-restricted anywhere in the world. So although Identity Cloaker will let you watch the BBC from anywhere you can also get access to loads of other great sites too, the other UK TV channels are a great place to start.



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