Simple Guide on How to Watch UK TV in Canada

  • You Can Access the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, plus all the UK TV channels on your computer, tablet or phone from anywhere.
  • Very easy to use – just click a country and change your location and IP address.
  • Enjoy TV and streaming service sites from all over the world
  • Simple Method on how to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2020 and beyond.
  • Servers in lots of countries – just pick a US server for TV sites there.
  • Single, small subscription gives you access to all the servers.
  • High speed server network – designed for streaming services, TV and online video.
  • Easy to set up VPN service on other devices like smartphones, iPads and tablets too. (ask support for details)
  • Proper 14 Days Money Back Guarantee – Just Ask.

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

You’ll see how you can unblock BBC iPlayer from anywhere in minutes.

Technical Note – How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada

What is BBC iPlayer?
How do I listen to BBC Radio or TV overseas? Well, you can’t. But if you want to watch some of the best British TV shows then BBC iPlayer is the perfect solution for you! You can use it on your computer or mobile device and catch up with all your favourite TV shows online.

Have you ever been in a situation where your TV doesn’t have the show you want to watch? If so, get BBC iPlayer! This app is free and available on most devices. You’ll have access to loads of great shows from all over the world with this one simple app! One of its best features is that it’s easy to use. BBC has done an amazing job making their app user-friendly for everyone. It also has offline capabilities which means you can download episodes or movies onto your device so they’re accessible even when you don’t have internet connection.

Unique features Of BBC iPlayer

It was one of the world’s first streaming service and such has incorporated all sorts of great features.

    • You can watch live TV across all channels
  • Watch programmes for 12 months in the BBC iPlayer archive.
  • Download to watch when you have no internet connection.
  • Schedule to watch and keep track of your favourite box sets.
  • Track your viewing to suggest new shows and series you may like.

The Most Effective Way To Watch BBC Iplayer In Canada

So it’s not of interest to everyone, so I’ve put this brief summary here. To expand on this solution, Identity Cloaker is primarily a VPN client which connects to a huge international network of very fast servers. The software was developed primarily as security software, however has expanded to suit the needs of it’s users. The main focus of it’s expansion is by increasing the number of servers in the UK and USA in response for access to geo-blocked sites in those countries.

In other words, it started as a security program but people are using it primarily to access BBC iPlayer in Canada and other places across the world. So previously the locations of the server were not quite as important, to access geo-restricted sites they need to be in the right place. A huge proportion of Identity Cloaker’s user base use it to watch BBC iPlayer so they need hundreds of UK based servers to support this demand. The other servers are in places to support other popular streaming service sites like Hulu, NBC and Amazon.

how to watch uk tv in canada

How To Choose The Best VPN For BBC iPlayer?

Decide on what you need a VPN for.
If it’s for security or you just need it for streaming video. The most secure VPNs will sometimes be slightly slower to accommodate security features. If you’re just streaming TV shows then super high encryption and authentication levels might not matter!

Analyze the qualities of each VPN.

Speed, security, price and access to sites are probably the most important components. If you’re buying a VPN to watch UK television, if it’s blocked by the BBC it’s going to be useless to you.

Device Compatibility

What device are you going to use? Identity Cloaker is primarily focused on the PC market. You can get it working on other devices but there’s no native support. If you want use a specific app for your phone or tablet then try NordVPN which supports most devices.

See if the locations you need are available.

To access the BBC iPlayer, you have to connect to a UK based server or it won’t work. Make sure the VPN service you choose has the right countries for your needs.

Decide on your budget.

Tthere are some great deals on VPN services. However you should be careful about the very cheap ones. These VPN services cut their prices by putting too many people on each server – this impacts speed and will end up with the addresses being blocked by sites like the BBC and ITV.

Look for the best customer service and money-back guarantee.

Make sure there’s some way of testing your VPN and ensuring it does what you want. This should either be a trial account for a short period or some sort of money back guarantee which can be used to refund if it doesn’t work.

Why Must You Enter BBC Sign In To Use Bbc Iplayer?

This was introduced a couple of years ago and now you must have a BBC iPLayer account to use the site. Don’t worry though, they are completely free and if you sign up while using a UK VPN connection it will work fine. You will be asked for a UK postcode for both the BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub account but anyone will do as long as it’s valid. There’s no checks on your address, TV licence or anything really other than your IP address.

Basically there is a huge demand for people who want to watch BBC iPlayer live or watch ITV player and other streaming services. The same goes for sites like Netflix or Hulu in the USA and indeed channels in lots of different countries too. If you have a subscription you can use it to watch Sky Go abroad too. However the focus has been on the UK and USA simply because that is the highest demand. Many use it to change their IP address to access French, German or Canadian only TV sites too. You can also use it to watch and download from BBC iPlayer radio options too. They’re no doubt that using it to unblock BBC iPlayer is by far the most popular use.

Identity Cloaker – Unblock BBC iPlayer and Major TV Sites Across the World

It’s well known in the security industry as it offers a highly sophisticated VPN product which has the ability to bypass all sorts of filters and blocks. It’s also popular because it actually has several modes, it can be installed on a PC, a cut down version run from a USB drive or you can even set up your own VPN connection from an android phone or Apple device. In some senses it’s kind of unfortunate that it’s user base don’t appreciate how advanced the program is with regards to security !

You Can Use Your BBC Account from Outside the United Kingdom Securely

However although it’s security and encryption components are the most advanced in the industry, many people simply use it to watch the BBC or stream Coronation Street from outside the UK. The uses are myriad, mainly because unfortunately more and more sites are blocking access based on your location. It often looks like we are all going to be limited to our own ‘national version’ of the internet if we’re not careful! Fortunately a competent VPN server bypasses these filters and unlocks your internet connection.

Can You Watch BBC Iplayer For Free Using VPN

Unfortunately not any more, although it used to work. Nowadays all the UK TV stations look to block both VPN and proxy access. the easiest way to do this is to check the number of connections and then ‘blacklist’ the IP address if they’re too many. All of the free VPNs share the same address with thousands of people and hence have been detected and blocked by the streaming sites. None of them work anymore with the BBC although some might be ok with ITV Hub and Channels 4 and 5.

What Are The Best VPNs That Work With BBC Iplayer?

There are many VPN services available for watching TV and video sites, but you have to be careful which you use. The problem is that ‘high profile’ VPN services are often targeted by the media companies and their servers blocked individually. The first targets are always those companies which advertise the ability to gain access to these site and the ability to watch British TV.

Identity Cloaker has never advertised itself directly as a means to bypass these blocks, or a BBC iPlayer app or indeed any sort of global TV watching application. This is one of the reasons why it’s never been blocked directly in the last decade, it’s a high security program which is virtually undetectable. However it’s probably the safest and most reliable way to enjoy BBC iPlayer in Canada if you use a UK server. It certainly can be used to watch more than just iPlayer content, most TV and video sites from all over the world too, but this will never be advertised.

So if you want security, or simply want to know how to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada or any TV anywhere in the world, then give Identity Cloaker a try.

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