How Can I Watch British TV Live from Anywhere

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TV Guide using VPN

You’ll learn how easy it is to access British TV stations from anywhere in the world.

So How Do Watch live British TV stations from Outside the UK

Most of the major UK TV stations will allow you watch their channels live and through catch up TV.   As long as you register and are located in the United Kingdom then you can enjoy all their programmes live over the internet.  In fact the websites are actually better than the live broadcasts as you can pause, restart the programmes or even watch them at a later date.  Most shows are archived, the BBC standard is twelve months but there are exceptions to this e.g. sports, news and some live events.

How Can I Watch British TV Live

Here’s the screen from the BBC iPlayer TV guide – here you can click to play whatever is currently broadcasting live.   You can also go to a specific channel like BBC One, BBC Two or BBC News if you prefer.  However if you’ve missed something you can switch to the archive and play it from the beginning.  You can search by channel, title or just browse through one of the categories – there are literally thousands of programmes in each one, this is the drama category.

The BBC iPlayer archive is simply huge and is full of top quality entertainment. The next biggest site is probably ITV Hub, home of Downton Abbey and Love Island however it’s got some great shows and documentaries too. You will have some advertising with the commercial channels like ITV though you can pay to skip them if you wish.  If you’re an English speaker all the free channels have got something for everyone, they are way ahead of any expensive cable channels in both quality and quantity.

Unfortunately as you may be aware, all these channels are actually blocked to anyone outside the UK.  This includes both the live stream and the archives as they all check your location using your IP address when you connect.  Obviously annoying especially to all the expats who have moved to places like France or Spain and  miss their home TV stations.  This can be fixed though, if you join the millions of people who hide their location online by using something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

How to Watch British TV Live in Easy Steps

If  you’re outside the United Kingdom there’s no need to be blocked from all these wonderful TV stations.  Literally millions of people across the world use the BBC iPlayer and other UK TV stations every day, here’s what you need to know.

  • First find any UK address and postal code (like US Zip code) online – anywhere will do as long as it exists.
  • Sign up with a decent VPN provider with UK servers, we use NordVPN as it’s cheap and works well.
  • Install the software and connect to a UK based Server
  • Sign up for accounts on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Channel 5 – use your address when requested.
  • Click to verify account through email if required.
  • Login in to your account and start enjoying some of the best streaming services in the world

That’s really all there is to it, don’t worry about the accounts they’re just used to track what you’ve watched already and make programme suggestions.  The BBC iPlayer will ask you if you have a valid UK TV license, however there’s no check – we’ll leave you to figure out whether to answer yes or no !   You can also use this to access UK only subscription channels like BT and Sky Go as well but you’ll still need a paid account.  Remember all the channels apart from the BBC show adverts so you might have problems if you are using an Ad blocker, just disable it for those sites.

That’s all there is to it, watch the video at the beginning of the post for a demonstration.  There’s nothing difficult about using a VPN service like this and you won’t need any sort of TV box or satellite dish installed.  Most people just run it on their laptop or maybe connect to their TV using a simple HDMI cable for that big screen experience.  If you use a company like NordVPN you’ll be able to install versions on all your devices too – e.g. laptop, computer, tablets and smart phones.  You can use your service on up to six devices and it’s not limited to a specific internet connection either.

If you’re specifically wanting to watch the BBC live from abroad then you must be especially careful about which VPN companies you consider.  Many of the are blocked now by the BBC because they put too many users on each server to maximize profits.  Check that your VPN will work with BBC iPlayer and ensure they have a money back guarantee like NordVPN which you can use if there’s an issue.