How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland

  • Watch BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub,Sky GO, Channel 4, Hulu and thousands more on your computer wherever you are.
  • Low Contention Rate means no BBC iPlayer Blocks like most VPNs in 2021
  • Simple to use – just click a country and change your location.
  • How to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland 2021 and beyond.
  • Servers all over the world included -UK, France, USA, Canada, Germany and Ireland plus many more
  • Encrypted VPN Setting keeps your Connection protected wherever you are.
  • Fast secure network – perfect for streaming services, movies and UK TV online.
  • Also works on smartphones, iPads and tablets. (ask support for details)
  • Low cost subscription fee.
  • Fourteen Day – No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

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how to watch bbc iplayer in ireland

You’ll learn how to access BBC iPlayer outside UK in minutes.

The Technical Stuff

I’ve stuck this down here, because often no-one is that interested.  So just to summarise, Identity Cloaker is first and foremost a VPN client which connects to a network of fast, highly secure servers distributed around the world.  The software was developed primarily as security software, which basically establishes a secure connection to the VPN server you select.  These servers are specially configured to be both fast and secure, and are distributed around the world.

It’s well known in the security industry as it offers a host of advanced features which can bypass firewalls, content filters and ACL lists on routers.  It’s also popular because it actually has several modes, it can be installed on a PC, a cut down version run from a USB drive or you can even set up your own VPN connection from an android phone or Apple device.  It’s business model has always been based on a reliable service, quality support and user experience at a reasonable price.

The Perfect VPN for BBC iPlayer in Ireland

Yet the reason it has been so successful for the last 15 years is because many people have discovered that it works very well for accessing media sites across the world.  People use it for the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ITV, NBC, ABC and loads of others.  Yes, you can use it watch BBC iPlayer from Ireland and many people do.  In fact you can use it to access most video on demand service sites which control access based on your location.  You can switch your IP address at will just by selecting a proxy server in the required country.

While there are many ‘TV watching’ VPN programs available, most get blocked, banned or filtered by the very sites they try to access.  Identity Cloaker has never advertised itself as a UK proxy iplayer program, or indeed any sort of global iPlayer application.  It also has a a much lower number of users per server which means that their IP addresses don’t get blacklisted and blocked.  This is the current common issue for most VPNs with the BBC, too many people connecting from the same IP address means that they are automatically blocked.  They don’t have as many server locations as some of the bigger VPN companies, however let’s face it – do you really need a Singapore IP address when you just want to watch Blue Planet or Doctor Who on the BBC iPlayer.

The trick to accessing the a popular UK TV web site like BBC iPlayer is to have lots of fast, UK based servers which are not overloaded with thousands of users.  Identity Cloaker has more UK servers than any other country to ensure it’s VPN services can access all the British sites.  So you can connect every time using your standard internet connection accessing the TV services you want without comprising your internet speed.

This is one of the reasons why it works so well, it’s a security program which is virtually undetectable and can be used to unlock the internet.

So if you want security, or simply want to know how to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland or some other TV on demand Ireland or anywhere in the world, then give Identity Cloaker a try.

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